My First Day as a Working Girl

I was talking with civvy room-mate, Rose, last night about her first day on her new job. It sounded like she was creating a whole new life. She had a stack of first day tasks she needed to complete, a new group of people to meet and not meet, classes to attend, email accounts to setup with snarky IT guys, paperwork and more paperwork to complete, and finally a work space to create.

She told it all to me while getting out of her office dress and complaining about actually needing to pass a test. Later that evening, Rose boldly posed the question to me – what was my first time like? “My first time? Or my first customer?”, I countered. “First customer”, she answered. She wanted to know about my first day as a working girl. LOL.

It’s a fair question and I have not thought back on my first day at sex work or tried to explain sex work to a civvy. To be accurate, it was actually my first night. I had a first day task list like Rose. Mine were some hand-written directions to the bar.

Let’s jump straight to the Brix Bar at 9pm. There I was, dressed in my sexiest dress and highest heels. Feeling sexy, bold and super lost. Before she started her evening my friend told me which girls to stay away from. Thus armed, I was ready for my first night. I too, had a work space – a corner of the bar next to the exit. It was still early and I had a chance to scan the room.

Shortly after I arrived, customers and other working girls began to arrive. It was clear who were the people to meet and who not to meet. I saw several girls find success over the next hour. I was beginning to think I was going to just stand in the corner all night. Then the door opened, a young Filipina girl and an older European man strode inside. The man hung out at bar and watched the girl as she walked up to me. She asked me to go with them for the evening. The price was right so the three of us left the bar together.

I know what you are thinking – threesome right? Yah – me too! Remember, this was my first night of sex work in a new country with strangers. What else could a man with two girls want to do? Once we were back in their room, I learned that a man with two girls could do many more things than just a threesome. Then, in another very short space of time, they realized how very little that man with the two girls could do if one of the girls was me!

You see, the man wanted a show with his girlfriend. A show starring me and his girlfriend! I was ready for a threesome, or even a cheerleader roleplay, but not for a lesbian show, but hey, I was there to work and I was actually a little turned on about the whole idea.

I turned on my charms and really got into it. I guess I was really bad so she stopped me and got out some blue video tapes and proceeded to show me what a good show was like. Lucky for me they were good teachers! Video, explanation and demonstrations. My first day of sex work was more like my first day at sex work school! You know, even to this day I can’t use an ice cream scoop without giggling. After my lessons, it was time for the final exams. I passed with flying colors!

It was a wonderful night of new experiences and I have never looked back. The days and weeks before my first day as a working girl are not something I want to remember but my career in sex work began that night in that crazy way. You know, what? My first day of sex work was alot like Rose’s – except for the paperwork and snarky IT guys!

7 Misconceptions about Prostitution in Singapore. Is it really legal?

Ask anyone about whether prostitution in Singapore is illegal or not and the standard response will normally be to the effect of – Prostitution in Singapore is not illegal but various prostitution-related activities are such as public solicitation, living on the earnings of a prostitute and maintaining a brothel.


A Google search for Prostitution in Singapore yields Wikipedia as the top search result. With little information of benefit and a ramble on nothing short of vague, for someone who requires solid information, it leaves many questions unanswered.

In this article, I address the legalities of prostitution in Singapore, how it applies to

escorts and what they mean to the lay person.

97 Reasons for Booking an Escort !

by Mimi Tram

Disclaimer:  I do not list 97 reasons in this article but I’ve got your attention now – right?

Perhaps I do not know quite that many reasons to book an escort but I want you to know that not every booking requires us to get naked.  Each client has his own reason for engaging the service of an escort.  It is not simply a biological urge to have an orgasm.  There are usually additional reasons to share time with a woman.  As a sex professional, it is important for us to understand some of those reasons.

Reason #1 Conversation skills

Talking and listening are important skills for every companion.  In the case of an escort, these skills are probably the most important.  Clients traveling far from home or on an extended trip miss having a quiet social talk with a young lady.  A sense of humor and knowing a few funny stories are as important as a slinky black low cut dress.  Judging by the impact of the #MeToo movement, reason #1 may be a big reason that I get a few more “conversation bookings” this year.

So far, clients who book me and you for only conversation are rare.  Most often, you will use this skill to enhance the intimacy of the session.  Clients may be shy and reluctant to tell you directly what acts they enjoy.  Using your experience and listening  will help you figure out what he wants to try.  Maybe you will know even before he does. When you know what he is looking for, confirm to him you will provide that service.  Establish your consent with the client.

Reason #2 Private versus Social Event

Look and behave appropriately at a social event or the company party.  Listen carefully and follow the client requests for dress.  Asks him what he thinks casual dress looks like.  Eurpoean clients may expect a more dressy level of casual dress compared to a Canadian or American client.  

It is usually wise to make a plan with the client about typical conversation topics.  For example, the key decision is whether your client needs to keep your true profession confidential.  This avoids the awkward silence in the conversation.  However, most sensible people will know your profession but choose to not inform the emperor that he is naked.  An invisible boundary will protect the client from a potentially embarassing direction of the conversation.  Watch out – alcohol quickly weakens that boundary.

Reason #3 Acting the Part

We have the honor of brightening the day of another person with our company.  Our actions with clients in public can make him feel like a superman, make him stand taller and radiate confidence.  So lay on the public displays of affection.  Cling onto his arm, feed him grapes (peeled are the best), steal sips from his drink.  Make the guys at the table next to you stare, sigh, and say, “Wow”, all night long.

For the duration of the booking time, you are his girl.  Act according to his expectations of a date.  A little bit of listening and keenly tuned naughtiness is critical.

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